Capitol Husting Co.

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  12001 W Carmen Ave
  Milwaukee, WI, 53225

Capitol-Husting Company, Inc.
A Premium Wine & Spirits Distributor

Capitol-Husting Company, Inc. along with it's subsidiary company Allstate Liquor and Wine Company, is a premium wine and spirits wholesale distributor in Wisconsin.

About Our Company

What has set our company apart from the competition is our great product portfolio and focus on enhancing and providing exceptional customer service.

Top Selling Spirit Brands

A few of our largest selling spirit brands distributed in Southeast Wisconsin are; Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Dewars, Grey Goose Vodka, Patron Tequila, Van Gogh, Daily's, and Smirnoff.

Wisconsin's Top Selling Wines

Some of the largest selling statewide wine brands are Santa Margherita, Rosenblum, 7 Deadly Zins, Mezza Corona, Sterling Vineyards, Beaulieu Vineyards (B.V.), Voga and Forest Glen.

Company Origin


The company history goes back to two companies, the E.L. Husting Company established in 1877 and the Capitol Liquor Company formed in 1946.

Back in 1877 the E.L. Husting Company established a factory to produce soda water and later added weissbier. The company fluorished during prohibition by producing 'near beer' and selling it along with it's soda water. In 1932, it became the exclusive bottler of Coca Cola for Milwaukee County. After prohibition the company expanded to become a wholesale distributor of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including the Seagram's and National Distributors lines, Heineken and Heileman's from La Crosse. Soda production ended in 1960.

The Alevizos Family

Capitol Liquor Company was formed in 1946, were the involvment of the Alevizos family began. Jim Alevizos's involvement grew into management and ownership that led to aggressive growth in the company. In 1965 the E.L. Husting Company was bought and merged with Capitol Liquor Company to form the current Capitol-Husting Company, Inc. In 1973 Greg Alevizos, current Owner and President of the company, began working with his father and over the past 40 plus years has grown the company into one of the most successful wholesale distributors in Wisconsin.

Capitol-Husting Expands

Initially Capitol-Husting Co., Inc. serviced the seven southeastern Wisconsin counties, but in the mid 1990's expanded its sales organization to the Fox Valley forming a subsidiary company named Allstate Liquor and Wine Company. The company continues to aggressively expand its southeastern Wisconsin business while in 2003 Allstate Liquor and Wine Company expanded its distribution to the entire state of Wisconsin with a growing sales organization and delivery team.

Company Focus

Today, Capitol-Husting Co., Inc. and Allstate Liquor and Wine Company is still a local family owned and operated company with more than 80 sales professionals and 130 total employees in Wisconsin.

The Capitol-Husting Team

Our team approach to business stresses the utmost importance of working together as business partners with not only our customers but with our suppliers as well. Our Sales Representatives and Managers focus on being consultants and advisors that create and share ideas and concepts while providing feedback to customers, helping them to grow successfully using the brands the company represents.

How Capitol-Husting Helps You

In addition to being an excellent source of market and brand information for established brands as well as new products, the company can offer product sampling, product application and preparation information, employee training and educational demonstrations cost saving ideas and menu development.